Schedule & Results


2017 Schedule/Results

2/5/17- Surf City Half Marathon, 1:12:21, 6th Place

2016 Results

2/14/16- Los Angeles Marathon- 2:53

4/2/16- Ironman California 70.3- 4:08, 18th Place

5/1/16- Ironman Australia- 9:23, 10th Place

6/12/16- Ironman Victoria 70.3- 4:08, 16th Place

6/28/16- Ironman Coeur d’Alene 70.3- 4:13, 13th Place

7/10/16- Ironman Vineman 70.3- 4:16, 18th Place

7/30/16- Ironman Vineman- 8:57, 6th Place

9/25/16- Ironman Chattanooga- 9:17, 13th Place

10/15/16- Ironman Arizona- 8:54, 26th Place


2015 Results

HITS Palm Springs- 1st Overall
Camarillo 1/2 Marathon- 1st Overall 1:15
Ironman South Africa- 9:36, 23rd Place
Ironman Texas 70.3- 4:23, 20th Place
Ironman Raleigh 70.3- 4:16, 15th Overall
Ironman Racine 70.3- 4:08, 10th Overall
Ironman Mont Tremblant- 9:03, 9th Overall
Ironman Chattanooga- 9:15, 29th Overall

2014 Results

Feb 2nd- Surf City Marathon-2nd Overall

Total 2:36


March 4th- Desert Triathlon- Olympic- 2nd Overall,Swim18:37Bike56:59Run29:44

Total 1:47:25


March 30th- Ironman Cabo- 11th Overall, Swim58:10,Bike5:11Run2:54

Total 9:09:10


April 13th- New Orleans 70.3-16th Overall, Swim28:02,Bike2:14,Run1:25

Total 4:10:52


May 3rd- St. George 70.3- 41st Overall, Swim30:59,Bike2:25,Run1:15

Total 4:15:58



June 1st- Raleigh 70.3- 17th Overall,Swim 32:Bike2:26,Run1:15

Total 4:16:55


June 8th- Eagleman 70.3- 81st Overall.Swim-37:28,Bike2:11(FLAT),Run1:27

Total: 4:27:36


June 29th- Challenge Atlantic City- DNF

July 27th- IM Lake Placid- 12th Professional,Swim:1:05, Bike5:22,Run3:10

Total: 9:43


Sept. 28th- IM Chatanooga- 12th Overall,Swim-48:00, Bike4:48,Run2:59

Total: 8:41


2013 Schedule and Results

Feb. 17th     RnR Pasadena  Half Marathon           8th Overall                1:11:10

March 30th IM Oceanside   70.3                           37th Professional       4:25:32

June 8th      IM Boise             70.3                         19th Professional       4:30:41

June 22nd   IM CdA               Ironman                    8th Professional       9:00:47

Aug 4th        IM Steelhead      70.3                         14th Professional      4:11:29


2012 Results

Date Race Distance Place Time
Feb. 5th Surf City Half Marathon 5th Overall 1:10:11
March 18th Super Seal 5K 1st Overall  16:09
March 24th LAS&F Elite Invitational 10K 10th Overall  32:00
March 31st IM Oceanside 70.3 26th Overall 4:16:41
April 7th Hollywood Half Marathon Half Marathon 11th Overall 1:11:52
May  5th Wildflower Long Course 26th Overall 4:35:26
May 20th IM Florida 70.3 12th Overall 4:20:25
June 2nd IM Hawaii 70.3 10th Overall 4:21:16
June IM Boise Short 70.3 38th Overall 2:32:24
June  8th IM Muncie Short 70.3 19th Overall 2:15:36
July 15th IM Racine 70.3 10th Overall 4:24:59
Sept 9thSept 23rdOct 28th  70.3 WC VegasIM BransonRnR Half Marathon 70.370.3Half Marathon 38th Pro9th Overall5th Overall 5:00:294:32:371:10:28



2011 Results

Date Race Place Time
Dec 12th Santa to the Sea Half Marathon 2nd Overall 01:14.54
Jan 16th Los Angeles 13.1 6th Overall 01:13.38
Feb 13th Palm Springs Half Marathon 2nd Overall 01:11.14
March 6th Desert Triathalon 4th Overall S=19:14 B=58:30 R=31:20 Overall= 1:50
April 2nd Oceanside 70.3 32nd Overall S=30:30 B=2:30 R=1:18 Overall Time= 4:24
April 30th Wildflower Long Course 32nd Overall S=30:07 B=2:42 R=1:27 Overall Time= 4:43
May 14th Rev 3 Knoxville, Olympic Distance 26th Overall S=25:42 B=1:05 R=35:32 Overall Time= 2:08
May 28th Cali State TT Championships, 23.5 mi. 1st M30-34 (STATE CHAMPION!) 50:08:00
June 5th Rock and Roll Half Marathon, San Diego 9th Overall 1:10:14
July 4th Pacific Palisades 10K 1st Overall 32:48:00
Aug 14th Chicago Rock and Roll Half Marathon 5th Overall 1:11:12
Sept 5th Boulder Half Marathon 6th Overall 1:16:55
Oct 2nd Twin Cities Marathon 57th Overall 2:37
Oct 23rd Austin 70.3 14th Overall 4:23
Nov 24th Burbank YMCA Turkey Trot 2nd Overall 32:06:00