I raced a moderate effort last Saturday.  After a race in New Orleans in which I went too hard on the bike and suffered for it on the run, I was a bit shell shocked and scared to go to that effort level.

I stayed within myself on the swim and did not let the negative thoughts creep in.  I focused on my effort and what I was capable of.  I swam 30 minutes.

Like I said I was tenative on the bike.  I kept my watts around 270w.  I went up to 330w on the climbs.  I biked a 2:25.  Slow compared to the 2:08s the rest of the field was biking.

I felt great coming off of the bike and instantly started pushing.  It took a mile to get the legs turning over nicely.  Once they did I found my rhythm and pushed the whole way through.  I ran a 1:15.  But the winner ran a 1:09.  I have work to do!

What I realize is these guys push from the start and are in PAIN for 4 hours.  I know the feeling because it is the way I run a half marathon.  I need to relate that feeling to a half Ironman.

Thanks for all of the support out there and especially to Skechers, Powerbar, Profile Design, Champion System, Altus Sports Institute, Dr. Phil Goglia, Cynergy Cycles, Red Performance Multisport, Tower 26, and TriFit LA.

Good things to come from the team I have assembled.  RACE HARD!

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